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Safety Policy Statement

Bradmoore Electric Co. Ltd.  (Bradmoore) is vitally concerned with cultivating and maintaining a safe and health work environment for all our employees and sub contractors.

We have taken great lengths to ensure the safety of our personnel and will continue diligently to maintain these standards. To achieve these goals, Bradmoore's management; supervisors and workers must work in partnership to reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illness.

All managers and supervisors will comply with all statutory requirements as well as our own policies and procedures related to employee health and safety and will stand accountable if we fail to do so.


We recognize that the responsibility for health, safety and protecting the environment are shared. Managers, supervisors and employees will be equally responsible for minimizing accidents on our work sites. Accidental loss can be controlled through good management with active employee involvement and to ensure continuous improvement to our health, safety and environmental programs, we will continue to evaluate our performance, soliciting input from employees, clients and relevant organizations.

Management activities will comply with company health, safety and environmental requirements as they relate to the planning, operation and maintenance of equipment and work sites. 

All employees will perform their work in accordance with established company procedures and safe work practices. Compliance with Federal, Provincial, Municipal laws and regulations, client policies as well as our policy will be expected and enforced.

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